Programmable Software:

- Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 professional
- Rockwell Automation Factory Talk View
- Rockwell Automation RSLinx OEM
- Rockwell Automation CCW Developer Edition
- Siemens Step 7 Microwin V4.0
- Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 V5.4, V13, V14, V15 (TIA Portal)
- Siemens SIMATIC Winccflexible 2008, V13, V14, V15 (TIA Portal)
- Siemens SIMATIC Distributed Safety V5.4
- Siemens Starter V5.5
- Siemens ProSafe V13.0, V14, V15

Mesurement Tools:

- Fluke MDA 550 motor drive analyzers, possible mesurerment up to 3000A
- Secutest PRO for BGVA3

Avalaibe Interfaces :

Various Interfacecables for drives and PLC´s are avaible. Please contact us for a detailed clarification.

Mesurement Software:

- iba PDA-V6 to trend up to 256 signals
   Drivers are avaible for:
     - ibaPDA-Interface-EtherNet/IP to connect to Rockwell Automation PLC´s
     - ibaPDA-Interface-S7-TCP/UDP to connect to Siemens SIMATIC PLC´s

CAE Software:

- EPLAN Electric P8 Select